Is it possible to quit smoking without anxiety and without effort?

All the preconceived and erroneous ideas that we have of tobacco make us think that it is not possible, but if we discard the myths and erroneous beliefs that surround tobacco and understand how cigarettes really work and how it affects us psychologically, the answer is YES.

Yes, it is possible to quit smoking without anxiety and without effort.

Of course, let us make clear that miracles do not exist and that the results obtained quickly are usually well-designed marketing products but with results that leave much to be desired.

Unfortunately hypnosis is not an exception and we frequently convince ourselves with hypnosis therapies to stop smoking that promise lasting results in a very short period of time, as short as a session and without any type of client involvement. Let me doubt it, I do not believe that such therapy exists or that these miracles are obtained.

How long have you been smoking?

Do you really think that after all that time, accompanied by your friend, you will leave the cigarette quickly and without consequences?

Let’s be serious, we all know that this is not the case as much as we would like to believe it.

So what is the smoking cessation therapy we do in Boyce Hypnosis? Is it effective?

Many people, due to ignorance, have doubts:

“I’m afraid of hypnosis, what does it consist of?”

“I don’t believe in hypnosis, is it still effective?”

Let’s clarify some concepts:

Myths of hypnosis

  • Not believing in hypnosis is like not believing in the force of gravity. You can deny that it exists or call it something else, but it is scientifically proven that it exists. Our brain enters a state that we call hypnosis (you can call it whatever you want) under certain circumstances where certain changes at the psychological level are possible.
  • Hypnosis is not falling asleep, on the contrary, it is a very pleasant relaxation during which you realize almost everything that happens and listen to the therapist guide you through the hypnosis session
  • Hypnosis, when practiced by a licensed and trained therapist of a certain level, is safe, without side effects and without contraindications

Why use hypnosis to quit smoking?

  • For one part of our brain smoking is good and for another part of it, smoking is bad. As much as we know how bad tobacco is, we will never stop smoking. Furthermore, the more we know how bad it is, the more we are agreeing with the part that says that smoking is good and pushes us to do it. I know it sounds strange, but this point is one of those that we clarify during therapy and one of the most appreciated by the client since he ends up understanding how his brain works when smoking.
  • What we achieve under hypnosis is to communicate with these parties and put them in agreement, progressively so that there is no anxiety and that it does not involve effort.Con nuestra terapia no dejarás de fumar; elegirás, ejerciendo tu libertad, no fumar.

What does our smoking cessation therapy consist of?

  • We use Ericksonian Hypnosis, which is our specialty. This hypnosis is characterized by being very pleasant and using a gentle relaxation that leads to a very pleasant state of hypnosis. With this type of hypnosis we do not fight against the desire to smoke, we accompany the client to stop smoking progressively.
  • This method is famous for being more than 80% effective and relapse-free
  • The therapy consists of three sessions plus an optional one with a separation between each one of between two or three days up to a week. Between each session the client must be involved in the process and listen to the recordings that we will provide him at the end of each session.

Let us accompany you and help you stop smoking permanently.

We just need you to WANT TO STOP SMOKING

Boyce Hypnosis