Anxiety is not cured, in fact, even if it could be cured, it shouldn’t be. The reason is that anxiety is necessary, it helps us survive and it has done so since we have been on this planet. What we call anxiety is an emotion that has saved our lives as a species for centuries.

Imagine the following scene: Let’s go back a few hundred thousand years when we lived in caves. One morning a hunter goes out to hunt for food.

He advances stealthily through the forest when, without waiting for it, he is stalked by a predatory animal and the hunter is in danger of being hunted.

Perhaps you can imagine how our protagonist of the caverns will react; His heart is racing, his breathing is shorter and faster, sweat runs down his skin. It’s time to decide what to do, and there are only two options: fight or run away.

If our hunter had to consciously decide what to do, evaluate pros and cons, think what would happen if he took each of the options … they would have eaten it already. Therefore, at this point in our history we had already developed a highly effective defense and decision-making mechanism: our unconscious, that part of our mind that makes decisions for us based on stimuli that are not filtered by our conscious mind, that is, , are not rationally analyzed.

What is more, it is our unconscious mind, through the sympathetic autonomic nervous system “the order” is given for certain changes to take place on a physical level (acceleration of the heart, sweating, increased breathing …) to prepare the hunter for the fight or flight and make that decision unconsciously.

This mechanism has saved our lives as a species on many occasions and has helped us to survive and get to where we are today. Certainly, it has been very useful to us, especially when we lived in caves. Today, meeting that predator on the street, in the office, or in a traffic jam is highly unlikely, isn’t it? The funny thing is that our body continues to react in the same way when there is apparently no threat around, that’s what we call an anxiety attack.

Now we will not go into why this anxiety attack occurs, we will simply say that our body overreacts to something that is not there or to something that does not pose a danger to us. It is a reaction very similar to an allergy, in which our body reacts to an element of the environment exaggeratedly as if it were something harmful when in fact it is not.

There’s a solution?

Anxiety attacks are an increasingly widespread evil in our society and prevent us from living a full and happy life just as we would like. The truth is that anxiety is necessary, but within certain levels. If that anxiety is too high or lasts for a long time, it can give rise to that so-called anxiety attack that can, over time, lead to more serious problems such as agoraphobia.

Nobody would want to “cure” the joy, or the sadness, or even the anger (yes, we all need to get angry from time to time, it is healthy), all emotions are necessary, in their right measure. When one of them gets out of control or lasts longer than necessary, it causes us problems; and that’s when we lose control. With anxiety the same thing happens, we are all exposed to it even if we do not realize it, but it is under control. Problems arise when it gets out of control.

The good news is that anxiety can be understood and can be controlled, to the point where it is not a problem, but an aid to understand and know ourselves better.

And it is here that hypnosis can help us. In very few sessions you can regain your life. You can get back in control and live without strings and feeling good about yourself and your surroundings.

Don’t you think it would be worth changing what binds you?

When do you want to start solving it?

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